Product family features
  • Easy to install and flexible cable clamps
  • Separate cable clamps for primary and secondary side
  • Pre-fixed, captive screws
  • Through-looping (TL version)
Product family benefits
  • Simple and quick cable mounting
  • Sufficient space for cable connection
  • Cost-effective and space-saving solution (TL version)
  • Free cable connection thanks to open flaps
  • Immediate installation thanks to pre-assembled cable clamps

Information about Family

The OPTOTRONIC cable clamp family comes with a variety of options, so you are sure to find something to suit your own professional lighting installation. All are flexible and easy to install, with separate cable clamps used for the primary and secondary side, and captive, pre-fixed screws. The TL version also permits through-looping and is a particularly cost-effective and space-saving solution. You can use these cable clamps for downlights and flat luminaires, for installations inside and for different cable types. They give you fast and simple cable mounting, with ample space for cable connection and free cable connection. Pre-assembly also optimizes the speed of your installation.
Areas of application
  • Downlights, flat luminaires
  • Suitable for different cable types
  • Suitable for indoor installations