PrevaLED Linear 20 mm LED modules

Product family features
  • Transmission > 82%
  • Material: polycarbonate (PC)
Product family benefits
  • Homogeneous glare free light distribution
  • Fast snap on mounting using mounting screws
  • Available with length: 560 mm, 600 mm, 1,150 mm, 1,450 mm
  • Prevents touching of lightsource

Information about Family

Using accessories that match your PrevaLED Linear Slim modules can greatly enhance the effects of your light installation. This diffuser gives you homogenous, glare-free light distribution with diffusion above 82 % and comes in a range of lengths (560 mm, 600 mm, 1,150 mm and 1,450 mm). It has fast snap-on mounting with mounting screws, and protects the light source from touch. You can use it to give the same optical light impression as a fluorescent tube.
Areas of application
  • Optical light impression as flourecent tube