Product family features
  • Motion sensor with switching contact
  • Adjustable switch-off delay: 30 s to 20 min
  • Maximum power consumption in stand-by mode: 0.25 W
Product family benefits
  • Energy savings up to 35 % (compared to manual switching)
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for up to 15 electronic control gears
  • Installation by means of Mounting Adapter possible


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Nominal voltage
Detection angle
Detection area
Maximum installation height
Type of installation
Data sheet
120…277 V 140 ° 21 m² 4.5 m On-top ceiling mounting

Information about Family

If you need a motion sensor to cover large areas, for use in applications such as open plan office lighting, corridors and storage rooms, the VISION sensor is a great choice. You can use it with up to 15 ECGs, and if you wish, install it on the ceiling with a mounting adapter. This motion sensor with switching contact allows you to customize the switch-off delay to between 30 s and 20 min, and in standby mode it consumes a maximum of 0.25 W. It can also give you energy savings of up to 35 % compared to manual switching.
Areas of application
  • Large areas
  • Open-plan offices, corridors and storage rooms