Product family features
  • Passive distributor
  • Connection via 2x four-pole screw terminal or modular 2 x 4p4c-connector
  • Type of installation: Adhesive pad mounting on smooth surfaces
Product family benefits
  • For connecting standard wires to the sensor interface of the DALIeco system
Equipment / Accessories
  • 2 connecting cables included, modular 4p4c connector on both ends, length 2.1 m

Information about Family

The Y-CONNECTOR SCREW is a passive distributor, suitable for use with all OSRAM components that have a modular 4p4c connector system. Connection is via 2 x 4 pole screw terminal or modular 2 x 4p4c connector, and the unit is easy to mount on smooth surfaces with an adhesive pad. With the Y-CONNECTOR SCREW you can achieve the parallel connection of sensors to a MULTIeco, MULTI 3 or DALIeco system, and synchronize and connect multiple EASY system components. If your light management system (LMS) requires branching, it is invaluable.
Areas of application
  • Suitable for all OSRAM components with modular 4p4c connector system