OSRAM ROADsight and OSRAMconnect

Connecting you and your car

OSRAM ROADsight 30, ROADsight 50 and optionally ROADsight REAR 10 dash cameras work with the OSRAMconnect app. OSRAM dash cams are aiming to give you a feeling of reassurance by by recording all or parts of every journey you make.

Whether it is your regular commute or taking a long journey, OSRAM ROADsight dash cameras will capture the street in front or even behind you, while OSRAMconnect will download, securely store and, if needed, make sharing footage easy.*

OSRAM ROADsight dash cameras and OSRAMconnect work together so you can concentrate on the most important thing – the road.

The smart dash cameras from OSRAM are equipped with:

  • Automatic power on and off
  • Adjustable magnetic mount for an ideal field of vision
  • G-shock sensor, which detects and automatically saves footage of collisions with the vehicle even when parked
  • GPS to monitor journey route and speed (ROADsight 50 only)

With OSRAMconnect you can manage your settings and view captured footage from your smartphone. Once stored on the phone the images and video can be easily accessed if required in case of an accident.*

OSRAMconnect App

Available to download on:

ROADsight dashcams installation guides

Firmware Download

Download (ZIP-File, 2.6 MB)

Open Source

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User information

A copy of the OSRAMconnect user information can be found here.

* Please note: Individual special requirements and legislation of the countries must be observed, especially concerning the duration of the records/use and the transfer of data.