Motorcycle lighting

Motorcycle lighting

For increased visibility on the road

OSRAM motorcycle lamps offer high efficiency, high performance, and design. Having the right lighting plays an important role in safety, especially for motorcycles and scooters. In the dark, motorcycles are more difficult to see than cars, and motorcyclists need 100% reliable lighting.

OSRAM opens up new options for adapting motorcycle lighting to individual requirements with innovative light sources that are pioneering in terms of technology, optics, and safety.

OSRAM motorcycle lamps ensure optimum illumination of the road and extend the time available to react. Our halogen motorcycle lamps are tested for vibration resistance under real conditions. In addition, high-performance xenon lamps are also used for lighting for motorcycles, providing you with optimum preparation for road use.

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Discover the diversity of motorcycle lamps from OSRAM's design, performance, and original portfolios.

Motorcycle with stylish headlight lamps

Design motorcycle lamps

Light for that special look

Design motorcycle lamps by OSRAM give your bike a cool and unmistakable look. Their trendy bluish white halogen light, with a color temperature of up to 4,200 Kelvin, closely approximates that of xenon lamps.

Stylish motorcycle lighting
Couple on motorcycle with bright light

Performance motorcycle lamps

More light on the road

Performance motorcycle lamps shine significantly more light onto the road compared to standard motorcycle lamps. See more and be seen earlier.

Brighter motorcycle lamps
Motorcycle with original spare part lamps

Original spare parts

ORIGINAL motorcycle lamps

Whether as series original equipment for motorcycles or as replacement units, these lamps feature high quality and reliability. The ideal replacement lamps for your motorcycle or moped.

ORIGINAL spare part lamps
Scooter lights

Scooter lights

OSRAM scooter lights are the ideal solution for exceptional luminous intensity, performance, and a certain exclusivity.

Scooter Lamps

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