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With the right replacement lamp your home theatre will be like new

Setting up a home theater is exciting, but not always an easy task. For all the time and expense involved in purchasing and installing a home theater, some of the finer details can be overlooked. The good news is with just one or two key adjustments, you can make an appreciable difference in the performance of your home entertainment system. Here is some inspiration for you to improve your system right away:

1. Replacing your projector bulb

Don’t forget that a new high-quality lamp replacement will have your projection television or projection system performing like new. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to give up on your rear projection television or if you have already switched to a front projection system, a high-quality replacement like OSRAM P-VIP lamps and assemblies, provide bright, crisp, and long life performance that is essential to ensuring optimal operation of your projection device. These high luminance lamps won’t degrade over time and will result in complete satisfaction for the ultimate upgrade to your home theater experience.

2. Match your speakers

Every speaker brand has its own, unique sound signature.. By having matched speakers throughout your system, you ensure that the sound is seamless from one speaker to another and the result is a much more realistic and immersive effect.

3. Upgrade your subwoofer

The subwoofer is responsible for adding impact and depth to the sound of your movie tracks or gaming system. A quality subwoofer will deliver this experience to your home theater space. Bear in mind, however, that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

4. Upgrade your center channel

It is estimated that approx. 85% of a movie track’s information is for the center channel, which is not only used for dialogue, but explosive effects as well. A larger center channel can handle more bass and, when designed correctly, can give everyone in the room a more enjoyable experience by providing life-like dialogue and stunning effects.

5. Change your speaker placement

By following a few simple guidelines of speaker placement, you will dramatically improve your system’s sound and effectiveness. Search online for guides that show where you should place your speakers relative to your seating area. By placing your speakers correctly, you will be able to convince your ears that you are “in” the action - the ultimate home theater experience.

6. Check the lighting in your room

With home theater projectors, darkness and black levels aren’t projected on the screen, they are a product of the absence of light. Any light leaking into the room affects the contrast and brightness of the image and takes away from the presentation. If you can’t product complete darkness, be sure your projection device is operating at its peak brightness for the best results.

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