Light is emotion


Available versions:

  • RGBW
  • Warm White

Light for moments that matter and memories that last.

OSRAM KREIOS® WEDDING PAR lights the moment and paints the memory. On your special day, it reflects your radiance, brightens the smiles of guests, and fills the atmosphere with joy.

And after your special day, KREIOS®WEDDING PAR leaves memories of the event shining with an unforgettable luster.

When it’s time to illuminate the special moments of your life—from graduations and weddings to concerts and parties—trust OSRAM KREIOS®WEDDING PAR to bring out your inner light. With its robust German design amplifying the power of high quality LEDs, KREIOS® WEDDING PAR supplies a multitude of settings that clearly express and amplify emotions with light. KREIOS® WEDDING PAR is fully dimmable, features a strobe function, coordinates with a diffuser, and has color mixing capabilities.





Architectural Lighting


Kreios Wedding PAR RGBW 100W

OSRAM KREIOS® WEDDING PAR puts a rainbow of lighting options at your fingertips with its power-packed RGBW 100W model.

Featuring a special boost mode that deepens and defines colors, you can design moments and paint memories with brilliant, colorful light.

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Kreios Wedding PAR WW 100W

OSRAM KREIOS®WEDDING PAR delivers a perennial event favorite with its WW 100W model, which provides a sophisticated, warm white light that matches every venue and occasion.

With a high CRI, plus dimming and strobing capabilities, WW 100W creates the ideal ambiance for your special day.

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More Information

Standard output: 15 degrees; up to 30 degrees with a diffuser
Light output for RGBW 100W: typical 1500lx@4m@15 degrees
Light output for WW 100W: typical 3200lx@4m@15 degrees
Power consumption:<100W
Dimming:0 – 100%
Net weight: 3.5 kg
Guarantee:2 years, see for details
Onboard static / auto / strobe
Passive cooling without fan
DMX512 control
Exclusive OSRAM design with unique reflector Low energy consumption
Specifically manufactured for the Indian power gridRGBW color mixing available with DMX and manual commands
High quality LEDs include


Kreios Wedding PAR Brochure

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The Wedding PAR is a very nice designed LED PAR fixture with Red, Green, Blue, White efficient 4 in 1 LEDs or Warm White version, that can bring colors and emotion to one of the most exciting day of your life.
In Wedding halls, you normally have a lot of this kind of fixtures and the Wedding PAR is only consuming 100W electrical power where other equivalent devices will consume 30-40% extra for the same light output. Thus you will save a lot of energy and therefore a lot of money.
Moreover it is completely quiet as there is no fan to cool it down. And last but not least, his unique reflector based design is fashion and prevent from too much stray light emission which is normally seen in similar products with plastic lenses.
Even if OSRAM specifically designed this products to enlighten Wedding ceremonies and parties, it is obvious that it can also be used in other applications such as party, event, ceremony, architectural lighting, auditorium lighting, shopping malls, small stage lighting, ambiance lighting…
Wedding PAR has an IP65 rating which means that it can support some water coming during short time on it without trouble. Nevertheless it is not an underwater fixture and cannot be exposed to water constantly.
But it can be used outdoor as much as it is following the temperature range it has been designed for (up to 40 degree C)
OSRAM offers different accessories to be ordered separately such as a diffuser that can change the fixture that has originally a 15 degree light emission angle into a 30 degree emission angle. Some different cables can also be ordered separately such as Power cable, DMX extension cable, extension of power cable…
Wedding PAR is distributed by only OSRAM approved dealers listed below. It can be sold only in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand.