Light is flourishing

Light is flourishing

Smart horticultural solutions

OSRAM - growing for tomorrow

We tackle the challenges of tomorrow by providing horticultural light and sensing solutions for predictable and sustainable growth.

Today people demand more from technology each and every day – and this holds true even for the world of horticulture. People want fresh and nutritious vegetables, beautiful floral arrangements, and fragrant herbs all year round, possibly even at the touch of a button with the latest trends in e-commerce. Fortunately, the art and science of growing plants is evolving with new digital and smart technologies for vertical farms, hydroponic greenhouses, and small gardening systems, enabling farms to sprout in big cities and even in people’s homes.

Ongoing light research, sensor technology, and cloud computing will allow horticulture professionals to meet the increasing demands of today’s consumers.

OSRAM, as a leader in lighting technology, is at the forefront of advancements in horticultural lighting with everything from LED grow lights to complete solutions. OSRAM works closely with industry and research professionals to provide products and systems that optimize crop development, allowing reliable supply to industries such as retail food and flower markets, food processing facilities, and pharmaceuticals.

Application Fields

"The future is dynamic, connected and data-driven. OSRAM is developing innovative solutions that will address some of the challenges that our controlled environment farmers cope with through sensor-based crop diagnostics and cloud-driven environmental optimization. The future is fresh, local and nutritious!"
- Claudia Zehnpfennig, Global Product Manager


Case Studies

Learn more about the Controlled Environment Lighting Laboratory (CELL) at Michigan State University. Discover how Dr. Erik Runkle and his team are at the forefront of research on how light quality, quantity, and duration affect plant growth and the development of food and ornamental crops.

Dr. Erik Runkle in the Department of Horticulture says that the unique, tunable light source “delivers whatever sort of light environment I want. … We can literally deliver an infinite number of possible lighting scenarios, which creates fantastic opportunities for research. Nothing like it exists elsewhere”. The lighting in CELL “gives us the capability to do some really exciting research, which can have great benefits to commercial growers as well as generate information that will advance the science of plant lighting.”

The plantCube - a smart garden for your home. The future of home grown, local food is being ushered in by agrilution's smart, environmentally controlled, hydroponic device, which makes growing fresh greens and herbs easier than ever. See how OSRAM's LED technology plays an important role in growing fresh produce quickly and conveniently.

Maximilian Lössl - co-founder of agrilution - says, "with the plantCube we meet two different global trends: the desire for people living in big cities to have a healthy diet alongside a switch to local food production... with this closed system you are able to reduce water consumption and keep the use of fertilizers to a minimum, while eliminating the need for pesticides.“

OSRAM’s Phytofy RL is out of this world. Discover how NASA researchers adjust lighting conditions to optimize plant growth in various conditions. Those settings will be replicated in the Advanced Plant Habitat on the International Space Station, meeting the sophisticated needs of space food production.

Steve Graves, Strategic Program Manager of Urban & Digital Farming, OSRAM says “Many of the world’s coolest and most beneficial inventions have come from scientists at NASA over the past several decades, and to play a role in empowering further innovation through the use of our technologies is an honor. We are excited about the possibilities Phytofy RL will bring to a wide variety of horticulture applications, and our teams are excited to continue learning and refining its setup.

Our Know-How


We know it’s challenging that each plant species has different light requirements. We work directly with growers and scientists to bring plant quality and quantity to a new level - by providing crop-based growth recipes.


For decades, OSRAM has been shaping the lighting market. With our global team of experts, we provide expertise in areas such as optics, electronics, and optical sensors. Ongoing research will pave the wayfor us to help growers.


Let’s go beyond the light itself. OSRAM provides complete software solutions, starting from the luminaire all the way to intuitive user interfaces allowing for precise and intelligent control of all your horticultural lighting needs.


We value our customers. Working in close collaboration with customers and partners in academic research we are able to execute successful projects and shape the future of horticultural lighting.