Light connects

Light connects

OSRAM at Prolight + Sound 2019

OSRAM presents a broad event and entertainment portfolio at Prolight + Sound 2019

When it comes to entertainment and architectural lighting, OSRAM has stood for innovative products of the highest quality for years, providing lighting solutions for any event or occasion.

Light, colors and effects by OSRAM turn concerts, TV shows, theater performances and other such events into unforgettable visual experiences. This is great not just for audiences but also for artists and lighting designers, who can take superlative light shows to the global stage with OSRAM’s help.

At this year’s Prolight + Sound, OSRAM, a leading innovator in entertainment lighting, is presenting its innovative event and entertainment lighting portfolio together with its subsidiaries Claypaky, ADB, LED Engin and Traxon e:cue.

Among the traditional OSRAM entertainment lamps, the highlights at the OSRAM booth are the SIRIUS HRI lamps for small moving heads, the “plug-and-play” Lok-it! Power Series for theatre and concert lighting and the HMI lamps for film and studio lighting. Visitors can also see our high-luminance and SharXS Brilliant lamps for use in moving heads, scanners and projectors.

Together with Claypaky, we are introducing “Cloudio” - a new cloud-based solution setting new standards in digital entertainment fixture services.

Traxon e:cue, the global leader in dynamic lighting, is presenting brand new products and solutions for city beautification and helping to create smart and attractive cities with unforgettable lighting experiences.

“With Traxon e:cue adding to existing OSRAM products we can present an even wider range of lighting solutions for our customers this year”, says Gunnar Eberhardt, Head of Entertainment and Architectural Lighting at OSRAM. “This fosters our status as the world’s leading and future-shaping entertainment lighting brand.”

LED Engin is demonstrating the LZ7 Plus, the world’s first 60W seven-die LED in a single emitter for entertainment lighting.

At the neighboring booth (E60), in addition to the latest models in the Sharpy Plus, HY B-EYE, Axcor Profile and Axcor Spot ranges, our subsidiary Claypaky is presenting the brand new Xtylos as the first fixture with a laser source, opening up new and exciting prospects for developments in the entire entertainment lighting world. Among other products, our French subsidiary ADB (booth D59) is showcasing OCEAN, an advanced lighting control desk designed for theaters, opera houses and multipurpose venues. Our new brand “Art Centric Lighting” is unveiling Charmy, Applaud, Admire and Respect: four lighting solutions with the slogan “All eyes on the work of art.”

Visit us at our booths, be inspired by our spectacular and innovative lighting solutions and immerse yourself in the exciting world of entertainment lighting with us. We look forward to seeing you.

Trade fair and booth information:

Venue: Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main

  • April 2 to 5, 2019
  • OSRAM booth (including LED Engin, Traxon e:cue): hall 12.0, booth E58
  • Claypaky booth: hall 12.0, booth E60
  • ADB booth (including Art Centric Lighting): hall 12.0, booth D59


Longer lifetime and more power than ever: SIRIUS HRI

OSRAM is presenting SIRIUS HRI reflector lamps with particularly high luminance for moving heads. There are three new lamps in the SIRIUS HRI series: the powerful 550XL and two long-life SIRIUS HRI LL models. These entertainment stage lighting lamps are suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting, especially at festivals. The 550XL version delivers unprecedented power for compact moving heads with a very high wattage of 550 W and at a luminous flux of 23,800 lm is one of the brightest reflectorized lamps on the entertainment market. SIRIUS HRI LL is available in 230 W and 370 W versions and has a life of up to 6,000 h, three times longer than comparable products. The control gear and the lamps are produced by OSRAM and are therefore perfectly matched. A latest-generation integrated control board is available for both systems, enabling future smart modes of operation for longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs.

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HMI STUDIO and HMI DIGITAL for film and TV

OSRAM HMI STUDIO and HMI DIGITAL lamps are perfect for film and studio lighting. HMI DIGITAL is a line of high-performance lamps that ensure every scene remains flicker free and illuminated in high-quality light. They are suited for both analog and digital film production, have up to 99.9% lower UV emissions and a daytime-like color temperature of 6000 K.

HMI Digital 1200W

HMI DIGITAL lamps are very robust, heat-resistant and offer impressively bright light of up to 100 lumens per watt. HMI DIGITAL 4000W & 18000W – the new members of HMI DIGITAL family on show at Prolight + Sound 2019 are equipped with not only UV-safe glass like previous HMI DIGITAL types but also with improved mechanical stability and robustness especially in the lamp base region. HMI DIGITAL 2500W and 4000W are now UV-free, which is crucial for new applications such as balloon lighting.

HMI STUDIO lamps shine twice as bright as a tungsten halogen lamp of similar wattage. The metal halide lamps provide a natural-looking light and reveal a set’s true colors with a high CRI of more than 90. Harmful UV emission is reduced by 99.9%. HMI STUDIO lamps allow for easier setup with less handling as well as reduced costs for storing, maintaining, and transporting extra fixtures. Film and TV productions can thereby save time and become much more cost-effective.

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LED Engin’s compact and powerful LZ7 Plus

OSRAM’s renowned LED Engin brand presents LZ7 Plus, the world’s first 60 W seven-die LED emitter. It features seven high-power dies in six colors (red, green, blue, lime, amber and cyan) which can be individually controlled to deliver intense, saturated colors, as well as high CRI white light as a result of color mixing.

LED Engin’s patented multi-layer ceramic technology allows the dies to be packed closely together, producing a very compact light emitting surface of 3.4 mm x 3.4 mm suitable for creating a narrow beam with secondary optics, while maintaining a low thermal resistance of 0.8 oC/W, allowing heat to be dissipated efficiently. The new LED can be used in various entertainment fixtures, such as static and moving-head washlights as well as profile fixtures.

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SharXS HTI series with new products

The modular SharXS series is a high-luminance and moreover affordable lamp variant for use in moving heads, scanners, projectors and color changers. Thanks to a special coating, the lamps can endure temperatures of up to 450 °C. At Prolight + Sound 2019, OSRAM is presenting the new SharXS Brilliant lamps equipped with a high color rendering index of 90 and eXtreme Seal (XS) technology for optimal heat resistance. They are some of the best products for television and live performances where accurate skin tones and vivid, true colors are required. SharXS Brilliant lamps are available in 1200 W and 1500 W versions, with a 1000 W model coming soon.

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The high-CRI solution: Lok-it! Power Series Brilliant

The “plug-and-play” Lok-it! Power Series consists of versatile discharge lamps for entertainment applications. It pairs tried-and-trusted high-performance technology with innovative features for entertainment applications. Thanks to higher luminous efficiency than standard HIDs it is the ideal lamp for any stage, concert or club covering everything from theater performances to dazzling light shows. The special lamp filling in all Lok-it! Power Series models reduces the green tone that is otherwise common in metal halide products. With a CRI of over 90, these lamps provide optimal quality of light and render color in a way that looks natural. A ceramic base makes them resistant to high-ignition voltages of up to 35 kV. With their compact dimensions and short arc gap, the Lok-it! Power Series can be used to realize smaller and therefore brighter solutions.

There will be a new addition to the series at this year’s Prolight + Sound: the Lok-it! 1800/PS Brilliant. The lamp combines high lumen output with outstanding quality of light (CRI >90) and improved heat management thanks to a special coating on the lamp shafts.

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Traxon e:cue lights up cities and enhances their beauty

Traxon Technologies – an OSRAM business and award-winning global leader in solid state lighting – continues to revolutionize the industry. Together with its intelligent control brand e:cue, Traxon connects and illuminates cities around the world. Traxon’s thirst for innovation and ceaseless ambition to create unforgettable lighting experiences are the driving forces behind its latest product upgrades.

Just to mention a few highlights from Traxon e:cue´s large hardware and software product portfolio, SymphoCity manages and monitors all city-wide lighting infrastructure from one central platform. The new, fully open and documented API in SYMPHOLIGHT grants access to other platforms or systems and allows SYMPHOLIGHT and its functionality to be controlled from third party systems. In harsh outdoor environments, the Sympl Pro Node control device offers impressive performance with its extended operating temperature range and surge protection, and can be integrated seamlessly with SYMPHOLIGHT. Known for its innovative drive, Traxon e:cue has extended its portfolio with the Allegro Dot, representing the new generation of intelligent media dot products. It is a fully customizable and flexible device for creative and demanding media projects. Last but not least, as part of the newly redesigned ARCHISHAPE family, ARCHISHAPE 2.0 is aimed at outdoor installations and large-scale media facades. It is cost effective as well as easy to install and maintain. The Dots are customizable for different LED options, including RGB, RGBW, White, as well as Dynamic White.

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Xtylos by Claypaky – first moving head with a laser source

The Claypaky Xtylos is a compact-beam moving light featuring totally innovative technology: It uses a tailor-made laser source in a sealed box coupled to a special Claypaky optical unit and can produce all the effects of a professional moving head. Xtylos is therefore the most dynamic moving light on the market and opens up unprecedented possibilities for the world of entertainment lighting.

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ADB control desk Ocean – broaden your imagination

Ocean is a lighting console especially designed for use in theaters, opera houses and multipurpose venues. Its high-resolution compact touch screen is designed to give a clear view of the stage regardless of where the operator is sitting. The 70 cm wide screen viewing area offers unlimited positioning options and ensures full access to all functions and parameters. At 816 x 544 mm2, the Ocean control desk is comparatively small and can therefore be placed virtually anywhere. In addition, lighting networks, visualizing software, backup consoles and other devices can be connected to Ocean thanks to four independent Ethernet outputs.

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Art Centric Lighting - all eyes on the work of art

Winner of the LDI Award for the Best Debuting Lighting Product, OSRAM Art Centric Lighting is presenting Charmy, Applaud, Admire and Respect: four unique lighting solutions for museums and art galleries. Art Centric Lighting is a collection of small, compact LED lighting fixtures that prioritizes the most effective ways to illuminate works of art, both from a technical and narrative point of view.

LED technology is gradually entering museums and art galleries. This replacement, the use of LEDs instead of conventional light sources, is driven by energy saving requirements and by the long life of LEDs that effectively eliminates re-lamping. Heat dissipation is much lower and, above all, the heat is not directed toward the illuminated object. This, together with the lack of UV and IR emissions, means works of art are much better preserved. The light emitted can be adjusted in a highly precise way with regards not only to brightness but also color temperature and even color spectrum. The original colors of the works of art are therefore faithfully rendered. The quality of the light emitted is more uniform. Color temperature and color rendering are perfectly stable even when the light intensity is adjusted. Thanks to the low light beam temperature, the optical lenses and beam shaping devices are much more precise. Greater flexibility of use and simplicity of installation stem from the possibility of modulating the sources and controlling the devices in innovative ways, including via wireless systems. The Art Centric Lighting range is therefore ideal for illuminating works of art because it not only enhances their aesthetic and emotion-evoking characteristics but also preserves their physical integrity so that they last over time.

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