LEDinspect LED inspection lights

Mobile, practical and bright:
Two families for professionals and do-it-yourselfers

LED inspection lights

The perfect partners for your do-it-yourself projects:
LEDinspect inspection lights

LEDinspect: LED inspection lights for personal use
The rechargeable or ordinary battery-operated LED inspection lights are ideal for use at home. Equipped with durable, high-power LEDs, the luminaires provide optimum illumination for even the tightest spaces and difficult-to-access locations. A further benefit of the OSRAM inspection lights is their robust design and easy-grip, dirt-resistant surface. All LEDinspect inspection lights come with a 2-year guarantee1.

Especially practical
All OSRAM LEDinspect inspection lights are wireless, thus enabling especially pleasant work. Most of the lamps can also be simply mounted in suitable locations thanks to a combination of hook and magnet. Work processes that take longer are also no problem with the durable rechargeable battery. These lamps are therefore the ideal tools for maintaining and repairing your vehicle.

Overview of the OSRAM LEDinspect family

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Our LEDinspect inspection lights for do-it-yourselfers in action:

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LEDinspect inspection lights

The professional partners for your workshop:
LEDinspect PRO inspection lights

LED inspection lights for daily usage
The new LEDinspect PRO inspection lights are especially developed for the complex maintenance and repairs you tackle every day in your garage. LEDinspect PRO enhances visibility with advanced LEDs that deliver exceptional luminosity: intense white light with a color temperature up to 6,000 Kelvin. Each unique lamp design reflects an understanding of professional applications and supplies light precisely where you need it. All LEDinspect PRO inspection lights come with a 3-year guarantee1.

Benefits that support your work
Especially practical: almost all of the lamps are equipped with a durable and rechargeable battery, which enables especially pleasant work. Furthermore, the LEDinspect PRO products are easy to grip, have a dirt-resistant surface, and are water-resistant (according to different protection types). Many lights include features such as magnets, clips, hooks, torches, and extensions to direct light and give you hands-free options.

Overview of the OSRAM LEDinspect PRO family

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Our LEDinspect PRO inspection lights for professionals in action:

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LEDinspect PRO inspection lights

Little helpers for better sight and visibility:

1 Please refer to our guarantee pages for precise conditions