Guarantee process for TRUCKSTAR LED

Like all OSRAM products our TRUCKSTAR LED lamps are carefully checked high quality products. Therefore OSRAM offers a manufacturer‘s guarantee.

OSRAM offers a 4-year guarantee for all TRUCKSTAR LED lamps.

One extra year of guarantee can be secured, if the TRUCKSTAR LED lamps are purchased at and installed by a professional workshop.

All TRUCKSTAR LED lamps which meet above criteria are eligible for the 5-year guarantee, beginning at their purchase date.

Here's how the guarantee works:

TRUCKSTAR LED lamps that fail to work properly as a result of a product defect during the several years period are covered by the OSRAM guarantee.

What to do when the lamp fails?

To receive a replacement, please send the defective product in a protective package along with your cash register receipt and postage paid by the sender to the OSRAM contact address in your area and you get free replacement. In individual cases you receive a similar product or a credit note of the purchase price. Your statutory rights to defective goods remain unaffected.

Please use below instructions for products that have or have not been registered online.

Download: Reclamation process, mailing label and warranty claim form Warranty claim: Step-by-step instructions OSRAM service: List of warranty addresses