AFM – Atomic Force Microscopy

Atomic-force microscopy (AFM) or scanning-force microscopy (SFM) is a type of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) with a resolution in the nanometer and sub-nanometer range.

The information is gathered by "feeling" or “tapping" the surface with a mechanical probe.


  • Material surface roughness measurement and structure observation
  • Material surface 2D/3D pattern image
  • Nanoscale depth analysis and dimensioning

Technical Specifications

Bruker - Innova AFM

  • Sample Size: 45 mm x 45 mm x 18 mm
  • Closed-Loop, Large-Area Scanner XY >90 µm, Z >7.5 µm
  • Open-Loop, Small-Area Scanner XY >5 µm, Z >1.5 µm
  • Z Noise Floor <50 pm RMS, typical imaging bandwidth
  • Closed-Loop XY Noise <1.2 nm RMS, typical imaging bandwidth
  • Z Linearizer Noise <200 pm RMS, typical imaging bandwidth
  • Open-Loop XY Drift <1 nm/min
  • Closed-Loop WY Drift <3 nm/min


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