Contact Angle

When an interface exists between a liquid and a solid, the angle between the surface of the liquid and the outline of the contact surface is described as the contact angle θ (lower case theta). The contact angle (wetting angle) is a measure of the wettability of a solid by a liquid.

In the case of complete wetting (spreading), the contact angle is 0°. Between 0° and 90°, the solid is wettable and above 90° it is not wettable. In the case of ultrahydrophobic materials with the so-called lotus effect, the contact angle approaches the theoretical limit of 180°.

Contact angle measurements of suitable liquids can be used to characterize material properties like the surface energy.


  • Comparative Measurement of contact angle / surface energy to reveal surface contaminations
  • Measurement of Silicon wafer
  • Measurement of photodiode

Technical Specifications

Krüss - EasyDrop FM40Mk2

  • Measuring range: 1-180°
  • Accuracy: +- 0.1°
  • Max. sample dimensions: 300 mm × ∞ × 50mm (W × D × H)
  • Computer controlled dosing
  • Regulable illumination
  • Objective: 6x zoom


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