LED Ozone Test

Radiation in the UV-C range (100-280 nm) is of high interest due to its potential for air purification with regards to viruses and bacteria. However, at wavelength <250 nm the formation of ozone (O3) limits the possible application areas.

For UV-C sources with emission close to 250 nm the formation of ozone has to be excluded to allow broad air purification application.

Our setup was developed to reliably test whether the emissions from individual UV-C LEDs in the ambient air generate ozone.


  • UV-C Air Disinfection
  • UV-C Surface Disinfection
  • UV-C Water Disinfection
  • Smoke/Dust/Particle Sensing
  • Curing applications
  • Treatment in the chemical industry

Technical Specifications

  • Universal PCB
  • Potassium iodide and starch solution


Chemical and Physical Analytics

Chemical and Physical Analytics
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