Micro-Chamber / Thermal Extractor

The MARKES Microchamber is a practical tool for TD-GC-MS sample preparation. Four stainless steel outgassing chambers with fittings for TENAX tubes can be used in parallel to investigate the outgassing characteristics of materials (in addition with GC-MS-Analysis). This can be done applying purge gases and temperature profiles.

The chamber can be used to check surface or bulk emission profiles and to assess a wide range of samples from raw materials to finished products.


  • Raw materials like adhesives, glues, pottings, plastics
  • PCBs, ICs
  • Electronic components

Technical Specifications

Markes International Ltd - M-CTE250I

  • 4 inert-coated stainless steel microchambers
    • Internal diameter: 6.4 cm
    • Depth: 3.6 cm
    • Available volume for bulk emissions testing:114 cm3
  • Temperatures: Ambient to 250°C. Settable in 1°C increments
  • Flow range (quoted for air or nitrogen)
    • High: 50–500 mL/min through each chamber.
    • Low: 10–70 mL/min through each chamber
  • Gas types: clean air or nitrogen. Also compatible with helium
  • Gas pressure: 10–60 psig (0.69–4.15 bar)


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