Mass Spectrometric Gas Analysis

The gas analysis by means of mass spectrometry uses a quadrupole mass spectrometer in combination with a special gas inlet system to analyze mixtures of permanent gases qualitatively and quantitatively.

The special gas inlet system can be coupled to a variety of vacuum chambers that allow to analyze a broad spectrum of samples. This applies to the size of samples as well as to the filling gas pressure.

Furthermore customized sample intake systems can be attached via vacuum fittings to the vacuum chambers extending the application even more.


  • Purity/Composition of process gases
  • Filling gas analysis of lamps
  • Residual gas analysis in sealed sensors
  • Gas analysis in laser modules

Technical Specifications

  • Pressure/Volume :0.1 - 30bar / 0.01ml – 2 L
  • mass range: 2–200amu
  • Standard Gases: He, N2, O2, Ar, Xe, Kr..


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