Product family benefits
  • High luminance
  • High luminous efficacy and efficiency

Safety advice
Because of their high luminance, UV radiation and high internal pressure during operation, HTI lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings specially constructed for the purpose. Appropriate filters must ensure that UV radiation is reduced to an acceptable level. Mercury is released if the lamp breaks. Special safety precautions must be taken. Information on safety and handling is available on request or can be found in the leaflet included with the lamp or in the operating instructions.


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Nominal voltage
Nominal current
Base (standard designation)
Color temperature
Burning position
Data sheet
HTI 150 W
95.0 V 1.6 A GY9.5 6500 K Any
HTI 152 W
90.0 V 1.7 A GY9.5 5000 K Any
70.0 V 10.00 A GY9.5 5500 K p4
HTI 1200 W/SE XS
95.0 V 13.80 A GY22 5400 K Other
HTI 2500 W/SE XS
105 V 23.8 A G22 6000 K Other