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OSRAM PrevaLED Flat AC - the LED light engine for traffic ways in buildings
PrevaLED Flat AC: modern LED light engine for wall and ceiling mounted luminaires Application:  Educational institutions, Home, Hospitality, Office buildings
Technology:  LED modules
Target group:  Architect, Lighting Designer, Luminaire manufacturers

PrevaLED Flat AC - the compact LED light engines have been developed for diffuse, cost efficient wall and ceiling-mounted luminaires for traffic way applications in buildings. Due to the broad [...]

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LIGHTIFY Pro - the intelligent lighting solution designed for offices and public buildings, controlled via app on smartphones or tablet PCs.
LIGHTIFY Pro – clever, wireless light management with app Application:  Office buildings, Smart connected light
Technology:  LED, LIGHTIFY Professional, Luminaires
Target group:  Electrician, Trade, Lighting Designer

Intelligent lighting systems are advancing into more and more areas of daily life: In addition to automotive applications, where for instance infrared driver assistance systems detect people and [...]

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LIGHTIFY - you can control the modern smart home lighting solution via app on your smartphone or tablet PC.
Smart home – on the way to tomorrow’s intelligent living Application:  General lighting, Home, Smart connected light
Technology:  LED, LIGHTIFY Consumer, Luminaires
Target group:  Consumer, General public

Motion sensors that automatically switch on a light as soon as they detect any movement have been around for a long time, and no longer elicit a “wow” effect. But smart home solutions are [...]

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Focusing on the essentials: the new OSRAM HMI with UV Stop (UVS).
HMI UVS lamps: legendary performance meets enhanced safety Application:  Entertainment, Studio, Stage, TV lighting
Technology:  Low discharge lamps
Target group:  General public

When film producers needed an economical and efficient replacement for incandescent lights, they turned to OSRAM, and the HMI lamp was born. For more than 40 years, OSRAM HMI lamps have supplied the [...]

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James L. Johnson: CEO of Classic Lamps and Ballasts Unit at OSRAM.
James L. Johnson CEO of Classic Lamps and Ballasts Unit Application:  not specified
Technology:  Compact fluorescent lamps, Electronic Control Gears, Fluorescent lamps, Tungsten halogen, Low discharge lamps
Target group:  General public

Osram today announced the appointment of James L. Johnson as Chief Executive Officer of its new business unit Classic Lamps & Ballasts (CLB). The appointment follows the reorganization of [...]

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The high-tech atmosphere in the treatment rooms is lessened by sophisticated interior design and lighting design. Lighting design: Christian Mentrup, NextMove
Intelligent light control from Traxon Technologies at the University Hospital in Münster - Germany Application:  General lighting, Light is quality of life, Medical applications
Technology:  Electronic Control Gears, LED, Light Management Systems (LMS), Luminaires
Target group:  Architect, Cities and municipalities, Electrician, Operators of health care facilities

In the radiation therapy center at the University Hospital in Münster, Germany, lighting and acoustics can now be controlled by Lighting Control Engines from OSRAM subsidiary Traxon Technologies. [...]

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The NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED automotive lamps from OSRAM are available with halogen and xenon technology.
NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED: Interview with OSRAM experts at the Carlightblog Application:  Automotive
Technology:  Tungsten halogen, HID
Target group:  Consumer, Trade, Garage, OEM Automotive, Shop owner

OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED automotive lamps ensure more light and greater safety on the road. In an interview with the Carlightblog team, OSRAM experts respond to questions concerning the [...]

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Matrix Light: 1st place among the Automotitve
Matrix Light - Automotive Product of the Year 2014 by the Elektronik trade journal Application:  Automotive
Technology:  LED modules
Target group:  General public, OEM Automotive

The OSRAM Matrix Light LED module has won the "Product of the Year 2014" award of the Elektronik trade magazine in its Automotive category. The readers of the journal gave the Matrix LED [...]

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LEDset2 ensures optimal efficiency, a high level of reliability and reduction of costs within LED systems.
LEDset2 interface: developed to connect Application:  not specified
Technology:  Electronic Control Gears, LED modules
Target group:  Architect, Electrician, Industry partners, Luminaire manufacturers

With the LEDset2 interface, OSRAM creates a new path towards standardizing the communication between LED control units and LED modules. LEDset2 ensures optimal efficiency, a high level of reliability [...]

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POWERBALL HCI ceramic lamps from OSRAM can be used in a wide variety of applications.
POWERBALL HCI – new film available on our Berlin production site Application:  Hospitality, Industrial buildings, Industrial applications, Retail, Street & Urban, Supermarkets
Technology:  HID
Target group:  Architect, Cities and municipalities, Electrician, Trade, Urban planners, Wholesale

OSRAM POWERBALL HCI ceramic lamps stand out for their excellent performance, brilliant light and high quality, combined with attractive purchasing conditions. The metal halide lamps using innovative [...]

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Results: 1-10 of 171

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