Be road ready

Be road ready

Confidence now comes in a new range of products

For over 110 years, our industry-leading automotive lights have helped motorists navigate the unexpected. Now, we’re going beyond light with a new range of products designed to keep you moving, no matter what lies ahead. From our advanced UV air purifier and dash cameras to tyre care, battery care, and more – our automotive care & equipment portfolio will support you so you’re well prepared for every journey.

Whether you’re an avid car enthusiast who loves to get your hands dirty or you just want to maintain your vehicle, you’ll find what you need in our portfolio. From our entry level options to professional tools and devices, every product is built with the quality you’d expect from OSRAM.
Wherever you are, wherever you’re going – be road ready.

Our 5 new product categories get you road ready:

Tyre care

Handling the pressure of tyre maintenance

Whether you’re road-tripping with friends, taking a family vacation, or simply driving from A to B – proper tyre care can help keep you safer on the road. Too many motorists ignore the risks of driving with poorly inflated tyres. The reality is, under-inflation causes tread to wear faster and overheat while too much air reduces traction. In both cases, your chances of having a blow-out are significantly higher.

Don’t let a flat tyre spoil your fun. With our new range of premium quality tyre care products, you’ll get the optimum performance from your tyres, even in tough conditions. Check, inflate and seal tyres, wherever and whenever you need to. And enjoy optimal handling, better fuel economy, and longer tread life with our wide selection of pressure gauges, pumps and sealant kits. Whatever lies ahead, be road ready.

Air purifier

A breath of fresh air motorists

Road ready means being equipped to handle any challenge, even those you can’t see. While air quality is not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about road safety, it is certainly worth considering. Bacteria, viruses and allergens are an ever-present threat, especially when you’re driving. Disease-causing germs enter through air conditioning systems and spread quickly. And the risk of transmitting a virus such as SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) from person to person is much higher in confined spaces. Now you can enjoy non-stop filtration and purification on the move.

Protect yourself and your passengers from unseen dangers with the new AirZing Mini air purifier. This powerful and stylish device eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in the air1 whilst also removing allergens and pollutants – perfect for getting rid of unpleasant smells caused by smoke or when transporting pets. Its sophisticated filtration system combines advanced UVA LED light with a powerful TiO2 filter for a fresher, more hygienic driving environment. Experience more confidence in every breath, everywhere you go.

Inspection lights

Superior brightness for all to see

Don’t let poor visibility hold you back. Whether you’re changing a wheel, topping up your oil and water, or simply performing a routine inspection – our new range of LED inspection lights is on hand to help you get it sorted in the dark. High performance, long-lasting LEDs produce up to 6000 Kelvin of powerful cool-white light, delivering intense brightness to the darkest corners.

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these premium-quality lights are used by automotive professionals around the world. Now, you can be equipped like the pros wherever you go. Whatever the night brings, trust the leaders in light to brighten up your situation.

Battery starters and chargers

The power to handle many situations

Battery starters: It’s cold, you’re late, and your car won’t start – for most drivers, it’s an all too familiar feeling. Whether caused by freezing temperatures, parking for extended periods or leaving your lights on, a dead battery always causes frustration. Don‘t let a dead battery spoil your day. Our new range of premium-quality battery care products puts the power in your hands, so you can prevent being caught off-guard and unprepared. These powerful and portable jump starters are a must-have for any roadside repair kit, and a quick way to get you back on the road and on track.

Battery chargers: Automotive batteries require regular maintenance. This is especially true for cars that are not driven daily or stand parked for long periods of time, as power is discharged continuously when not in use. Electrical devices such as air conditioning, wipers, headlights, interior lights, and in-car entertainment, can place additional strain on your battery – particularly in the cold winter months. Performing a routine inspection at least once a month can help maximise service life and ensure that you’re always ready for the road. Don’t get caught out by the cold this winter. Keep your battery charged at optimum levels with our new range of premium-quality smart battery charging and maintenance devices.

Dash cameras

Capture things you might miss

Life is full of surprises. You can’t predict when road incidents and accidents might happen, but you can be ready when they do. Our new range of premium quality dash cameras lets you capture unexpected details in crystal clear vision, so you can relax and enjoy the drive wherever it takes you. High-resolution and wide-angle lenses record activity outside your field of vision, allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead. Our intelligent G-Shock sensors initiate recording when movement is detected – even while your vehicle is parked.

And with high-contrast black-and-white night-time capability2, you won’t miss a thing, even in the dark. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens on the road, you’ll have the evidence to prove it. Monitor and evaluate your driving, settle disputes and claims3, and capture all those magical road trip memories in full HD. Prepare for the unpredictable, be road ready.

1 Verified by independent laboratory tests in accordance with GB/T 18801-2015
2 Available with selected products in the range
3 Please note: Individual special requirements and legislation of the countries must be observed, especially concerning the duration of the records/use and the transfer of data. Please make yourself familiar with the data protection laws of your country and ensure that you comply with them. Please also familiarize yourself and comply with the relevant laws and regulations regarding the use and ownership of dashcams in your country.