Mira: flexible LED luminaires with novel prismatic technology

Mira by OSRAM subsidiary Siteco: efficient and flexible LED luminaire with innovative prismatic technology.
Application:  Office buildings
Technology:  Fluorescent lamps, LED, Luminaires
Target group:  Architect, Trade, Wholesale

Mira: flexible LED luminaires with novel prismatic technology

The new Mira range of luminaires is a family of LED products that, thanks to the particularly wide range of different versions, can be employed for almost any application in a building. For anyone who values glare-free and energy-efficient lighting, Mira is the right choice.

A variety of luminaire types in a unified modern design

The LED luminaires made by OSRAM subsidiary Siteco have been designed as a family of luminaires that can be used in any number of situations, as linear luminaires 1200 millimeters long or in square versions measuring 600 and 625 millimeters. Mira in its various versions will also catch your eye: it includes a recessed variant surrounded by with a prismatic edging and as a surface-mounted or hanging version, framed inside an aluminum border.

Novel prismatic technology

Mira is fitted out with micro-prismatic technology specially developed for it. Thanks to this completely new technology, these intelligent luminaires achieve excellent performance and first class light quality. The luminaires use these micro-prisms to break down the light emitted by the individual LEDs, thus producing an even illumination. This prevents direct and reflective glare, resulting in better quality visibility and a higher level of comfort.

Top efficiency due to the latest LED technology

Mira is very low maintenance. Thanks to the very latest LED technology, Mira luminaires have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. On top of this comes their lasting low power consumption: Mira luminaires have a luminous efficacy of 95.6 lumen per watt.

Sensor technology for more savings

Mira is also available in versions with daylight or motion sensors. These sensors allow the luminaires to operate only when their light is actually needed. This allows them to save up to 70% in energy consumption and CO2 emissions as compared to older systems, such as T25 lamps.

Mira: The benefits at a glance

  • A family of luminaires in standard shapes and module dimensions
  • Energy-efficient, low maintenance LED technology
  • LED lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • Timeless design and high quality workmanship
  • First class light quality through newly developed micro-prismatic technology
  • Available in versions with daylight and motion sensors, as well as emergency lighting module
  • All variants also available with T16 lamp technology

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