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26.02.2015 | Business & Financial Press
Olaf Berlien announces innovation and technology initiative

Olaf Berlien, Chief Executive Officer of Osram Licht AG, has taken the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) as an opportunity to announce the promotion of new technologies and innovations. [...]

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24.02.2015 | Business & Financial Press
Osram optimizes financing agreements

Osram has optimized its financing agreements against the backdrop of general market developments as well as its improved financial strength. In the context of agreeing an early extension to the term [...]

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Osram experts have significantly reduced the value of the forward voltage, compared with the data sheet for the previous Osram Oslon Square.
16.02.2015 | Trade Press
Osram significantly increases the efficiency of blue LED chips

Osram Opto Semiconductors has achieved one of the best values in the world in terms of forward voltage for blue high-current chips. This has led to an increase in efficiency of up to eight percent. [...]

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11.02.2015 | Trade Press
Another milestone for Osram OLEDs

Advanced lighting, front and back: Osram is represented in the BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights not only with laser light in the headlights but also, and for the first time, with OLEDs (Organic Light [...]

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04.02.2015 | Business & Financial Press
Osram records good start into fiscal 2015

Osram recorded a strong operating performance in the first quarter of the current fiscal year that started in October 2014. With growth of 0.5 percent, revenue was slightly above the year-earlier [...]

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With its unique brilliance of 3 W/mm*mrad at an output of 44 W the SPL BF98-40-5 laser bar reduces the system costs for fiber-coupled diode lasers.
29.01.2015 | Trade Press
High-power laser bars of unique brilliance

With its SPL BF98-40-5 laser bar Osram Opto Semiconductors has succeeded in combining power and beam quality like never before. Thanks to its high brilliance, the laser diode considerably reduces the [...]

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810 nm LED with record performance: Measuring only 2.4 mm high, the SFH 4780S achieve fantastic typical radiant intensity values of 2900 mW/sr.
11.12.2014 | Trade Press
New infrared LED from Osram unlocks at a glance

Biometric identification methods are becoming increasingly popular. Biometric unlocking of cell phones and tablet computers is the principal application of the IR Oslux SFH 4780S, the first infrared [...]

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10.12.2014 | Trade Press
Osram supports the special Ken Adam exhibition in Kinemathek

From December 11, 2014 to May 17, 2015 the Film and Television Museum in Berlin is staging a special exhibition entitled "Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam's Film Design", an insight into the [...]

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Thanks to Lightify light chain and smartphone app the Christmas tree radiates in around 16 million different colours.
10.12.2014 | Trade Press
Smart lighting for Christmas trees

The lighting manufacturer Osram is for the first time offering ”smart“ lighting for Christmas trees this year. The Lightify light chain enables the festive trees to radiate in around 16 [...]

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Much greater output from an area only one third larger: the new Osram Ostar Stage.
09.12.2014 | Trade Press
New Osram Ostar Stage for even brighter stage lighting

Osram Opto Semiconductors presents a new LED for stage lighting. Compared with previous members of the product family, Osram Ostar Stage offers more than twice the lumen output. At the same time, the [...]

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Results: 1-10 of 634
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