Product benefits
  • Very high efficiency
  • Good to excellent color rendering
  • Very good color stability
  • UV values significantly below the maximum permitted thresholds to IEC 61167 thanks to UV filter
Areas of application
  • Shop interiors, shop windows
  • Shopping arcades
  • Foyers, reception areas
  • Museums, exhibitions
  • Exhibition halls and trade fairs
  • Factories and workshops
  • Approved only for use in enclosed luminaires
  • Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires 
Product features
  • POWERBALL ceramic technology
  • Light colors: warm white (830 WDL), neutral white (942 NDL)
  • Average lifetime: 15,000 h (operation with ECG with 70…400 Hz square-wave current)
  • Average lifetime: 12,000 h (with magnetic control gear)
  • HCI-T 50 W only for operation with ECG with 70…400 Hz square-wave current

System guarantee
For the vast majority of our lamps we are offering an extended system guarantee in conjunction with OSRAM POWERTRONIC control gear.

References / Links
For more information on the system guarantee and the terms and conditions of the guarantee visit www.osram.com/system-guarantee

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Lamp-ECG combinations Expand

PT-FIT 35/220-240 I

PT-FIT 35/220-240 I

PT-FIT 35/220-240 S

PT-FIT 35/220-240 S

PTi 35/220-240 I

PTi 35/220-240 I

PTi 35/220-240 S

PTi 35/220-240 S

PTi 35/220-240 S MINI

PTi 35/220-240 S MINI

PTo 35/220-240

PTo 35/220-240
Technical data Expand

Electrical data

Nominal wattage 35.00 W
Rated wattage 39.00 W
Lamp current 0.52 A
PFC capacitor at 50 Hz 6 µF 1)
Ignition voltage 3.6 / 5.0 kVp 2)

Photometrical data

Luminous flux 3700 lm 3)
Luminous efficacy 95 lm/W 4)
Color rendering index Ra 85
Color temperature 3000 K
Light color 830
Rated LLMF at 2,000 h 0.86
Rated LLMF at 4,000 h 0.82
Rated LLMF at 6,000 h 0.78
Rated LLMF at 8,000 h 0.75
Rated LLMF at 12,000 h 0.73
UV protection Yes

Dimensions & weight

Diameter 20.0 mm
Length 100.0 mm
Light center length (LCL) 56.0 mm
Product weight 27.00 g

Temperatures & operating conditions

Maximum permitted outer bulb temperature 500 °C
Maximum permitted pinch temperature 350 °C


Rated lamp survival factor at 2,000 h 0.99
Rated lamp survival factor at 4,000 h 0.98
Rated lamp survival factor at 6,000 h 0.97
Rated lamp survival factor at 8,000 h 0.96
Rated lamp survival factor at 12,000 h 0.80
Lifespan B50 15000 h 5)
Operation mode LLMF/LSF ECG

Additional product data

Base (standard designation) G12
Design / version Clear
System guarantee level 3 (2/5)
Mercury content 3.3 mg


Dimmable No
Burning position Any
Enclosed luminaire required Yes
Hot restart No

Certificates & standards

Energy efficiency class A+
Energy consumption 43 kWh/1000h

Country specific categorizations

ILCOS MT/UB-35/830-H/E/SL-G12-20/90
Packaging information Expand
EAN code Packaging unit
Pieces per unit
l x w x h
Gross weight Volume
4008321681850 Folding carton box
142mm x 42mm x 42mm 42.00g 0.25dm³
4008321681867 Shipping carton box
180mm x 159mm x 139mm 586.00g 3.98dm³
Country-specific information Expand
EAN code SEG number STK number
4008321681850 8333086 4834401
At rated voltage and cos ϕ ≥ 0.9
Minimum; for superimposed ignition with square wave electronic ballast 3.0 kVp are sufficient / Maximum; this limit is for safety reasons
In operation with electronic control gear with 70…400 Hz square-wave current.Operation with magnetic ballast can be less efficient
In operation with low frequency square wave electronic ballast, 70…400 Hz. Operation with electromagnetic ballast may be less efficient.


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