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In today’s globalized economy, we are involved with a multitude of suppliers, including some in parts of the world where basic values concerning human rights or the environment may be sacrificed to economic growth. As OSRAM will not tolerate a violation of those basic values, we are rolling out a combination of the OSRAM Code of Conduct and the auditing of suppliers to ensure these values are upheld.

Revised Code of Conduct for Suppliers
In 2005, OSRAM introduced a concise Code of Conduct for Suppliers formulating our core values on one page to ensure their visibility beyond mere ‘fine print’. While it has been amended since then, this still holds true today. In total, over 1500 suppliers have accepted our Code of Conduct. This rate of return constitutes 96 % of our key suppliers.

To keep the Code of Conduct from being a paper tiger, auditing is necessary. Therefore we implemented Corporate Responsibility aspects in our regular supplier auditing process. This includes several dimensions:

  • Since 2008, Corporate Responsibility is a mandatory element of the initial audit for new key suppliers, and the implementation of these measures is part of the balanced scorecard of our commodity business managers.
  • We held workshops for quality auditors in Europe and Asia, training over 130 participants and raising awareness of these issues.
  • In 2011 OSRAM conducted over 150 audits worldwide following our Corporate Responsibility Audit Guidelines.
  • Corporate Responsibility Supplier Audits (CRSA) were integrated in the supplier qualification process and are mandatory for supplier qualification within the whole company since April 2011.
  • These tools were included in the Purchasing Management System to ensure the seamless integration in the procurement process.

When auditing a supplier for the first time, usually a few discrepancies are noted. These are discussed together with the respective suppliers and recommendations for improvements are worked out. A re-auditing of the suppliers concerned is then conducted.

So far, no violations of our Code of Conduct were found that made a termination of business relationships necessary. The general feedback from our suppliers is positive – being an OSRAM supplier in good standing is obviously a source of pride for many of them.

Policy on Conflict Minerals

One of the aspects of a sustainable supply chain that has gained special relevance lately is the issue of “conflict minerals”. For that reason, OSRAM has developed a policy to supplement our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Supplier Page

On this page, you will find relevant information for you as a supplier of OSRAM.

Further information

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