Sustainability at OSRAM - Global Care

Sustainability: Global Care

Our Mission

"Global Care" represents our commitment to social and environmental responsibility worldwide. As a leader in innovative lighting solutions, we are dedicated to products and processes that contribute to solving global sustainability challenges, address economic needs and protect the environment for today and for the future. That way we ensure sustainable development not only for the company, but also for society and the environment.

Sustainable Performance

In order to holistically integrate sustainability into all processes, it is actively managed at OSRAM.

  • Systematic Sustainability Management
  • Communication on Progress Report
  • Environment, Health and Safety Management
  • Environmental History and Awards

Corporate Responsibility

As an international company, we act responsibly in a multitude of ways - socially, politically and ecologically.

  • Commitment to the UN Global Compact
  • Compliance at OSRAM
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Corporate Citizenship

Sustainable Products

The high energy efficiency of our products creates environmental, social and economic benefits.

  • Life Cycle Analyses of OSRAM Products
  • Sustainable Projects like "Off-Grid Lighting"
  • Recycling at OSRAM
  • Phasing out inefficient lighting

Sustainable Production

We constantly aspire to minimize the environmental impact of our production.

  • Objectives for Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Performance
  • OSRAM Production Sites
  • Sustainable Water Management
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