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Professionals need equipment that can withstand the demanding day-to-day work. That's why OSRAM is introducing a specially developed a range of inspection lamps as well as battery charging and battery testing equipment for professional workshops and garages.

The new OSRAM PRO range is designed for intensive, long-term use in workshops and other professional environments. Using the latest technology, the OSRAM PRO range will be a valuable support in your everyday work.

Inspection Lamps

Full of practical features - light, exactly where you need it

Overview of the LEDinspect PRO range

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Battery Care

Provide the best possible battery maintenance

The OSRAM PRO range is not only able to charge batteries, but also, depending on the battery's condition, allows them to be repaired and even carry out diagnostic tests of the alternator. Certain models also offer a battery support function to run the vehicle's electrical circuits and perform diagnostic work or data uploads.

Vehicles today are equipped with a range of electronic devices that can place demands on the vehicle's battery. This technology is constantly evolving, but for optimal performance of the vehicle's electronics, the best possible battery supply and battery maintenance is still essential. OSRAM has therefore started to develop a comprehensive range of professional products that can provide long battery life for both 12V and 24V applications.

Overview of the BATTERYtest PRO and BATTERYstart PRO range

Overview of the BATTERYcharge PRO range


The mains power source for on the go

You don't want to do without your mains-powered devices when you're on the go for assembly or in mobile use? Not sure if you'll find AC power at your destination? OSRAM POWERinvert PRO inverters have been developed for professional use and provide a domestic power connection in your company vehicle with the usual OSRAM quality. Various products, suitable for 12V or 24V batteries, equipped with power levels from 600W to 2000W, offer you the possibility, for example, of being able to supply your drill, the Flex or your laptop directly with electricity.

Its integrated protection against overheating, overloading, short circuits and overvoltage makes every POWERinvert PRO inverter your reliable helper. If the inverter notices that the vehicle battery is being discharged too deeply, it switches itself off automatically. Depending on the requirements and the devices that are to be operated with the inverter, you can choose from inverters with a pure sine wave, for demanding power consumers, and a modified sine wave, ideal for many electronic devices.

Overview of 12V POWERinvert PRO range

Overview of 24V POWERinvert PRO range

Overview of POWERinvert PRO accessories

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