Mobile App Features & Functionalities

Groups and Moods

With the LIGHTIFY App you have the opportunity to control predefined Groups or you can choose which dynamic or static Moods with the desired light color or brightness will be applied.

Device Control

You can individually control and program your devices: you can add up to 50 lamps, fixtures, plugs, switches or sensors. For your convenience it is also possible to change the default settings.


With LIGHTIFY you have the opportunity to automate your lights at home: you can add schedulers for your daily routine, start into the day with the Wake-up Light or add Vacation Modes and TV Simulation when you are away.

Specials & Settings

To offer maximum flexibility and comfort you can configure the LIGHTIFY Widget or change original settings such as fade times or the Gateway’s WIFI connection. It is also possible to fully or partially reset your account.


One App - sheer endless options!

The LIGHTIFY App for Android and Apple Smartphones or Tablets brings new possibilities and a whole lot of fun to your home. The operation is simple and every light setting can be customized and saved to ones wishes. The LIGHTIFY App is on your mobile phone with one simple click only…

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App Functions & Impressions

LIGHTIFY support:

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