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      Jon Rose

      Hi, working with LAS v7 SR1.

      For some reason the preview window wont work. I have tried importing multiple patches and I get nothing.

      In addition, when I try to resize the preview window I get a weird effect as per the attached picture. If i close it an re-open, the window looks fine but does the same effect if I re-size it again.

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      Jörg MoritzJörg Moritz

      Hi Jon,

      this is strange! Please try to reset all settings by usinng the LAS toolbox, and restore everything. You can find the toolbox here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ecue Lighting Control\Application Suite V7.0\Programmer
      If this not gonna help, please send us your show- & patchfile to

      thanks for your help.

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