OPTOTRONIC – energy efficiency, flexibility, planning security and value stability from a single source

With perfect technology from a brilliant present to an even brighter future

LEDs herald the start of an energy-efficient and flexible future. The numerous benefits of LEDs can only be achieved however in a perfectly matched system. The solution: OPTOTRONIC. From OSRAM.

OPTOTRONIC is not just an ECG. It is brainbox. With intelligent control functions. It undertakes energy monitoring, system supervision and LED light management, particularly during dimming. And despite its wide-ranging functionality OPTOTRONIC is very easy to install, and its operation is easy to understand even for novices.

This LED control gear for indoors and outdoors meets the latest technical requirements. It even complies with the future requirements of EU directives. And it is being constantly developed. OSRAM is a leading international player in the standardization and production of intelligent lighting systems – and not without reason.

OPTOTRONIC units supply an electronically stabilized dc voltage and stabilized current with excellent efficiency. The electrical isolation between the primary and secondary sides and the reversible protection mechanisms on the OPTOTRONIC units for overload, short-circuit and overtemperature enable the LED systems to be set up safely and reliably.

Full range for a wide variety of applications

  • Long permitted secondary cables
  • Operation in ambient temperatures of -25 °C to +60 °C
  • Can be fitted in furniture or wooden ceilings in accordance with DIN 57710
  • Operation of Protection Class III fixtures and fixtures with F and MM labels
  • Devices for outdoor applications in IP64 and IP65 designs

OPTOTRONIC special feature: LEDset - simple effective tuning

The development of LED technology is now in the fast lane. OSRAM is driving this revolution with new features and efficient functions. And is making its products future-proof. OPTOTRONIC ECGs are already prepared for what tomorrow will bring. Future proof! 

LEDset is a smart electrical interface between LED control gear and LED module(s), standardized by the MD-SIG Consortium

LEDset stands for simple and effective matching of the devices. This means greater flexibility in luminous efficacy. Constant increases in lifetime. Flexible matching for thermal protection. Dynamic adjustment to the environment of the fixture. Maximum energy efficiency through simply dimming of the LED module.

LEDset application features

The new OPTOTRONIC devices with the LEDset interface are ideally set up to meet requirements in terms of flexibility and adaptability. They cover a wide range of wattages and currents and support future generations of LEDs with their future-proof design.

Key benefits of OSRAM OPTOTRONIC

  • Future-proof design thanks to advanced technology and short innovation cycles > reduction in cost-intensive upgrades
  • Flexibility in thermal protection, dimmer and sensor compatibility > wide variety of applications in different lighting situations
  • Planning security thanks to full-service offerings of all-in-one solutions
  • Long life thanks to system monitoring and intelligent control functions
  • Cost efficiency thanks to energy monitoring and control of dimming functions

OSRAM's multi-level guarantees

OSRAM's multi-level guarantees System quality from a single source – the OSRAM service concept. You, as our customer, benefit from this passion.

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