Exterior luminaires from Siteco: Energy-efficient. Intelligent.

Exterior luminaires from the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco. Hi-tech developments, permitting energy-efficient illumination with high light quality and, at the same time, optimum illumination of the desired area through intelligent light control. Always with a high quality design factor.

In addition, in external areas, Siteco creates individual solutions, developed for special customer requirements. For example, products made in cooperation with the luminaire workshop Bergmeister. Made from bronze and used for decorative, inner city illumination scenarios.

Streetlight 10 LED

Streetlight 10 LED: An exterior luminaire completely focussed to light effects and efficiency. The best luminaire the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco produces - on account of its high efficiency light control technology combined with an intelligent light control function.

Bergmeister by Siteco luminaires

State of the art lighting technology joins forces with traditional craftsmanship. The unmistakable character of Bergmeister by Siteco exterior luminaires. Customers can have full design freedom for their lighting solution.


Mirrortec technology. An innovation from the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco. It excels with optimum glare limitation and excellent visibility. High lighting strengths can be created over large areas without any glare.

Radial facetted reflector

The radial facetted reflector for exterior luminaires was developed for high precision and efficient light control in street lighting. It ensures perfect light distribution - even on extremely wide streets.

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