OSRAM German Facebook career page launched

Exciting jobs and more at the new Facebook career page by OSRAM.
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OSRAM Facebook career page launched

The new OSRAM German Facebook career page is online. At the OSRAM career page OSRAM presents itself as an employer.

www.facebook.com/osramcareer provides information about the individual specialist areas, vacancies, exciting projects and, above all, offers users the chance to contact OSRAM employees directly.

The core of the page is an app with short videos which present the specialist areas "Software Development", "Natural Sciences" and "Engineering". Interviews with employees describe their day-to-day activities, their tasks and the challenges involved in their jobs - totally free, authentic and unscripted. There is also a separate discussion room for each specialist area for direct communication with the fans.

"Above all, we want to straighten something out using our page. Nobody should think of OSRAM just as a manufacturer of light bulbs. We are an innovative global lighting company in an extremely dynamic environment" explains Janina Kugel, Senior Vice President of HR & Inclusion.

And the competition for coveted experts for the business is stiff. OSRAM competes with large companies in other sectors on the employment market. Not least because of the change in technology, the company is confronted with new challenges in the search for new employees. "We need to bring expertise that we don't have ourselves into the company to be able to take advantage of the opportunities of growth in new business sectors. We need to do lots of communication work in this field", according to Kugel.

During an initial phase OSRAM Career will only be a German site, but plans to establish career sites for other countries are underway.

Click here for direct access to the OSRAM career page on Facebook:

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