Football arena in Sao Paulo: complete stadium lighting from a single source

Video: The pitch lighting exceeds the highest international standards and the LED media facade is currently the world's largest stadium LED panel.

The new futuristic Corinthians Stadium in Sao Paulo: an arena of the superlatives. The entire high-tech lighting of the arena area is provided by the OSRAM Group.

High-tech lighting for HD broadcasts

350 luminaires by the OSRAM subsidiary Siteco light the playing field in combination with HQI-TS high flux metal halide lamps by OSRAM.  The lighting solution exceeds the highest international light quality standards! The highly modern pitch lighting facilitates brilliant moving images in high definition (HD) quality.

LED media facade of the superlatives

The LED panel on the external facade impresses with its size of 170 x 20 meters. Here images and scores and even videos are shown. Around 34,000 LED Dot XL by OSRAM subsidiary Traxon Technologies, installed into glass facade panels, make it currently the largest stadium LED screen in the world.

Energy efficiency despite high light output

The pitch lighting in Sao Paulo, with its approximately 4,300 Lux, is as intensive as today's most modern stadiums in the world. At the same time, high-efficiency technologies make it possible to use considerably fewer individual points of light than with conventional lighting technology.  The result: significantly less energy cost and clearly reduced expenditure on installation and wiring.

The advantage for our customers

The complete solution from a single supplier. From the lighting of the outdoor areas, the LED video screens, via the pitch lighting and the multimedia display cube up to the complete internal lighting of the arena: OSRAM offers complex technical lighting solutions alongside well-founded project know-how.

1. Pitch lighting

Project details

High-end solutions with 352 SITECO R3 MAXI floodlights and POWERSTAR HQI-TS 2000 Watt high-flux lamps by OSRAM. The highest international light quality standards regarding luminous intensity are exceeded.

Benefits of the lighting solution

  • Extremely even lighting of the pitch
  • Appromimately 4,300 Lux luminous intensity
  • 100 % HD compatible
  • Very energy-efficient solution using fewer luminaires for the same luminous intensity
  • Top thermal management based on good heat dissipation via the die-cast aluminum casing

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2. The largest stadium LED video screen in the world

Project details

The largest stadium LED screen in the world. One of the few stadium LED panels that can display moving images. Located on the outside facade of the arena, having a size of 170 x 20 meters. The giant screen displays images, the score and videos. 

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3. Internal lighting of the entire stadium complex

Project details

We use light sources, luminaires and light management systems in quite different areas of application. In the entire garage area, in conference rooms, lounges, recreation areas, in stairways and corridors. Depending on the demand profile, we use different products. The lighting solutions are characterized by optimum adaption to the individual application scenario. They are also powerful, energy-efficient and durable.

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4. Grandstand lighting

Project details

The lighting of the grandstand is divided in two. The lower tiers, nearer to the pitch, are illuminated by the floodlights for the pitch lighting. The upper tiers we use 126 SiCOMPACT A2 MIDI luminaires fitted with POWERSTAR HQI-TS EXCELLENCE 250 Watt discharge lamps. 

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5. Lighting of the external areas

Project details

The entire external and access area of the Corinthians Arena is lit by OSRAM, for example in the access tunnel, on the parking lots and the facade lighting. Greatest possible energy efficiency, high level of luminous efficacy and durability are fundamentally at the heart of these areas of application.

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